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Marketing Your Website

When you are marketing your website, it is best if you first know who your target market is. If you do not work this out first, you will waste a lot and possibly all of your energy and resources.

For example, if you are marketing your website to people looking for rooms to rent, you may get more value for money by putting a card with your website address on it in a busy newsagent's window than writing and publishing articles online.Marketing Your Website

When you are thinking of marketing your website, you have to think like the people who will use it.

When you are thinking about marketing your website, you should not immediately jump to the conclusion that online advertising is the best. It usually is, but it is better to think of marketing your website off line first, because you may forget it later.

Most people go on line or can get on line if they want to, but not everybody searches for what they want online instinctively.

Three topics spring to mind: dating agencies, weddings and house-hunting. By all means have web sites on these topics, but a card in a newsagent's window bearing your website's address may get you a lot of cheap traffic.

For a dollar a week or a month, you could get quite a bit of exposure, but build a code into the response from the newsagent so that you can tell where the lead came from.

In fact, whether you are marketing your website on or off line, you should develop a system of tracking where your leads have come from. So, after thinking about marketing your website off line for five minutes, you can move onto on line marketing. I spent fifteen minutes thinking about the various ways of marketing your website online and I came up with thirty-four different ways and I am sure that there are more.

Different topics for web sites lend themselves to different types of advertising, so you probably would not use all thirty-four methods, but you should always use a few. The three methods of promoting my websites that I use the most are:

Article Writing

I like to write articles relevant to my websites and post them to article databases. This is an excellent method of marketing your website. Most article databases or article distributors require an article to have a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of two links in your by-line.

Google ranks websites by their popularity and one way of judging a website's popularity is by counting the number of websites that link to a website. These are called backlinks and leaving articles on databases is an excellent way of building up backlinks.


A Sigfile is short for signature file. A sigfile is a short ad placed at the bottom of each of your emails or each of your blog posts. It is free and legal. How many emails do you send every day? Think how many links you could be sending out. if you don't send out many, send jokes to your friends.

They will forward them to their friends et cetera. A joke with your sigfile could get to thousands of people a month or even a week - free of charge.

Site Links

Link all your relevant sites to each other, but try to ensure that every site gets linked to by some site. This way, if a visitor is not compelled to click on one site, he/she may click on another of your sites.

These are my favourite ways of advertising my websites and I recommend you using them when marketing your website too.

by +Owen Jones