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How To Increase Sales

There are pretty simple principles to follow if you would like to increase sales. In fact, it is so simple that it is scarcely worth mentioning. The way increase sales is to bring more people to see your product or an advert of your product.

If you can say that 5% of the population would like to buy your product, then to increase sales from 50 to 500, you only have to attract ten times as many people to notice you. Easy is it not?

The way the big professional companies achieve that increase in viewers is to throw millions or even billions of dollars into an advertising budget and make use of nationwide or even worldwide advertising campaigns.

Assuming that you are not an owner of a firm that can afford to do this, the question is: how can you attract more visitors to your website?increase sales

I am assuming here that you already have a web site that converts traffic (in other words visitors) to sales at a given rate, say 5%. So, how do you boost the number of visitors from 100 per day to 1,000 per day?

There are various ways of achieving this aim, but the exact technique varies depending on what you are selling. If you are selling a subscription or a high-price service then you can afford to spend a little more up front.

For instance, you could put an advert in the newsagent's window or in classified ads giving your telephone number and convert the inquisitive into clientele when they ring you.

You will learn how much you need to spend to acquire a certain number of interested probable clients and how many of these actually convert into customers. This is precious knowledge because it permits you to judge whether this sort of marketing is right for you and what your 'bang per buck' is.

However, this theory goes for all forms of marketing and if you are like most Net sellers, you are working on a shoe string budget. Despite that, stick to first principles and record as many statistics as you can think of. You might not know how to use those numbers yet, but something will occur to you.

As an example, I collect the details of the number of visitors to my web site each day and the number of clicks. That gives me an average: if a thousand visitors come to look, I make 80 sales. I also track the value of the sales and divide it by the clicks.

Then I know that, say, $240 worth of sales from 1,000 visitors means an average of $3 a sale. Then I track the days of the week and by doing that I know that Saturday is more lucrative than Wednesday.

The days can vary by as much as 25%, so if you have an advertising budget of say $100 a week, it is better to go all-in on Saturday than $15 a day over the whole week because the costs are the same but the revenue is not. In short, if you would like to make money on line. study the market as you would off line and put your promoting dollars where they matter the most.

by +Owen Jones