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Facebook And Increasing Sales

Internet promoting is big. Not just big in that advertising and advertising is all pervasive on the Net, but it can also produce big returns if you know how to use it. However, because the Net is still a new medium and because it is the most flexible promoting medium ever developed, new ways of promoting on the Net are being developed every month or two.

One of these new techniques of Internet advertising is called Facebook. In fact, it is a very subtle advertising machine, because most of the people who use Facebook are aware only of the advantages of using Facebook and think that the promoting is incidental or even useful.

This is a tribute to the organizers of Facebook and the flexibility of the Net. They have managed to imitate a quality newspaper, where the reader is not perturbed by the adverts, because they are unobtrusive and the information delivered is well-worth the money.

For those unacquainted with Facebook, it does not deliver global news, rather it allows users, friends and family to keep in touch and spread their micro-news. Facebook is what is called a social networking web site and has a global membership surpassing most countries and even a continent. Any advertiser would be crazy to ignore the promoting opportunities that Facebook offers

Facebook permits a few kinds of advertising. You can put an item up for sale and visitors to your website can pick to look in your 'shop' if they desperately would like to spend money, but needless to say this approach does not produce results. The other kind of advertising is pay-per-click or PPC. This is equivalent to Google's Adsense, but it just takes place on the Facebook web site.

However, the Facebook PPC advertising set up can be a great deal better targeted than Google's Adsense. This is because Facebook has so many more personal details about the users who sign up for a free web page. For instance, an advertiser can choose whose web pages his adverts go on. In fact, the advertiser has no end of flexibility.Facebook And Increasing Sales

An advertiser can select: male or female; adult or child; gay or straight; from any continent or any country; any degree of education; any earnings bracket; marital status; home owner or not and so on and so on. This equals that I could target an ad on central heating to only those Facebook members who, for example are: married with children; more than forty; home owners; earning a salary of more than $50,000 and are living in the USA or not.

That would be exactly the group of people who would require a functioning central heating system and could afford to pay for it. And you pay merely for the click throughs that are made on your ads. If they are ostracized, then there is no charge.

There are also a number of other tools that can help you promote your web site on Facebook such as the in-built links to other social networking sites like Stumble Upon, Digg and lots more.

by +Owen Jones