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Bad Sign Blunders

Here are some examples of bad sign blunders that I borrowed from a site dedicated to exposing these silly mistakes.

Don't let your sign be a bad sign for your business or it may appear on one of the nternet sites that exposes bad signs and sloppy English.

bad sign blunders Should be 'Covered Wagons'. This misplaced apostrophe is a common mistake.




bad sign blunders'Dont't' should be 'Don't' - short for 'do not'. Heaven knows what this bad signwriter was thinking of.



bad sign blunders'effected' should be 'affected', of couse. Many people have a problem with this pair of words, but something that has had an effect excerted upon it has been affected.


bad sign blundersThat misplaced apostrophe rears its ugly head again, but this time with a superfluous 's' thrown in to compound the felony. Sould be 'McDonald's'.



bad sign blundersA simple typographical error, but not such an easy error to make on a sign surely? Where was the quality control team in this municipality?


bad sign blundersSome people add an unnecessary apostrophe and some people just don't bother with them at all! It should read: 'We're' as short for 'We are...'.



bad sign blundersA woman, several women. For once the apostrophe is correct, but not the 'A'.












bad sign blundersMis-spelling and no apostrophe. This is a very common and very bad mistake. 'Your' is the possessive pronoun, but they are trying to say 'you're' meaning 'you are'.


Spelling mistake Should be 'Sale'. Why can't people just look these things up in a dictionary?




Misuse of word

'Show your member' suggests 'Show your penis', they obviously mean 'Prove your membership'.




The first nine English words do not make any sense at all. The cheeks of your bottom are called 'buttocks', but the ends of cigarettes are called 'butts'!


Some of these examples were borrowed from 'Illiterate Businesses', a web site that exposes many of these hilarious bad sign blunders at: