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Does Your Sign Make Sense in English?

If English is not you mother tongue, it is very difficult to get the wording of your English documents right, because the English language has more words than any other language on the planet.

Furthermore, that vocabulary of words is being aded to daily by Britain, the home of the language, the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries where English is spoken by many people.English Language Sense Checker Service

If you run a business, you want your business to present a good, well-educated front to your potential customers. You want to proove your attention to detail, you want to distinguish yourself from your competition.

So, how can our company help you?

Here are a few examples:

1] you are planning to have a new sign written which costs say, $1,000. You know what you want to say in your language, but you doubt whether your knowledge of English is good enough to translate your thoughts.

2] you want to have brochures made for your products so that you make it easier for your staff to sell your inventory to foreign customers or so that foreign customers can take a leaflet home to read later.

3] you own a restaurant and want your menu to look professional in English

4] you need to include an instruction book in English with your product.

What do you do?

a] trust your nephew who is learning English in school?
b] ask a friend who speaks English well?
c] trust the sign-writer or printer because they ought to know what they are doing?

Well, I can tell you, that none of the options above seems to work. I have walked down streets in Asia for a decade and the way Asians are approaching this problem has definitely not worked.

Which is why I have set up this company. I will read your suggestion of what you want to write and will make suggestions.
And keep on making suggestions until you are happy with the wording.

I am sure that you are wonering about my qualifications to do this job.

Fair enough.

  • I am 60 years old and have studied languages all my life.
  • English is my first language, my mother tongue and I come from the UK, where the language originated.
  • I have also learned Welsh, French, German, and Latin to a high level at school and Russian at university and in the old USSR.
  • I learned Dutch to fluency in the Netherlands and am now learning Thai.
  • I am married to a Thai.
  • I was also a published author of 150 websites, 120 ebooks (Megan Publishing Services) and 48 novels (see the left-hand of this page or click here: Behind The Smile).
  • I also edited and compiled a book for someone else (The Eternal Plan - Revealed).

I have been writing and studying language all my life.

The next question you will have is how much does this great service cost.

The answer is not much as you will be one of my first customers and I want you to recommend me.

The minimum charge is just $10.00 and we will stick with you until you are happy with our recommendation.

More than 20 words but less than 500 words costs $30
More than 500 words costs $30 for the first 500 and then $20 for every further 500 words.

However, if you have a specific requirement, please contact us and we will get back to you the same day (usually within the hour).

Please note that these are introductory prices and they may be revised.

Please send us your draft English document (however rough) for a quotation at:


by +Owen Jones

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